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REESE July 30, 2010

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My kid *loves* rice. She will eat plain white or brown rice with gusto that is normally only reserved for icecream, chocolate, and egg whites. Today as I was making rice balls she kept running back and forth from me to the living room demanding REESE in the most joyful and curly bobbed blue eyed smiley way. She ate a LOT of rice today.


Anyways rice is fucking messy, right? When you’re a 2 year old. So I wanted to make her something that might not get everywhere as badly as a bowl full of fluffy rice would. I wanted to make rice balls. So I made a pot of rice with lots of water to make it sticky and then filled them with a mix of canned tuna, soy sauce, and lemon garlic pepper. And BBQ sauce.

THEY ACTUALLY TASTE OK! Which, obviously is a little surprising. I mean, tuna and bbq sauce. Idunno.

They’re in the fridge for lunch tomorrow, and I think both Éowyn and Stephen will be happy with them – but I still wanted to look up the proper-ish way to make them. Ish, being my nod to honesty here – I’m not going to fill them with plum and wrap them with seaweed. Ground beef maybe or pickles or…

Anyways here – what I was looking at.



It’s like, 11:00 pm here, I’m tired, my kitchen is a mess… hhh. Nothing new there. It’s just been such a long time since I wrote here. Today I was thinking of rice balls, and I think you should, too. They’re tasty little dudes even when you don’t have too much in your fridge and pantry.

Good night.


One Response to “REESE”

  1. 1001petals Says:

    V loves rice, too! She has like 4 or 5 things she’ll eat, and rice and pasta are pretty much the only guarantees. So thank you so much for this idea. I’m going to make it today, in fact. I already have sushi rice, I think I’ll try teriyaki chicken in the middle.

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