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Why the Cat Runs Away July 2, 2010

Filed under: parenting,pets — whiskeyjac @ 8:12 pm

Éowyn making strange and alarming sounds while eating her lunch.

S: Should be call you Calvin? Should we get you a tiger?
J: She has a tiger.
S: Should we get you a GOOD tiger?
J: Why isn’t that one good, she likes it!
S: Because it has velcro on it’s hands and it’s limbs are disproportionate…
J: Oh whatever. You’re not joking either, that probably ACTUALLY bothers you.
S: No, I’m joking
J: Oh whatever you’re totally not joking. It bothers you.
S: …

Actually what bothers me is that the velcro isn’t strong enough to stay wrapped around the cat.

31 years old, people. He’s a grown-ass man – and he totally meant it.


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