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Sex Ed with Éowyn (22 months) June 29, 2010

Filed under: family,parenting — whiskeyjac @ 11:32 pm

Jac and Éowyn
“Oh see the kitties? They’re playing! They’re…haha, heh. (coz i’m 12)”
“Oh no! OH NO!”
“No it’s ok kid, they’re not fighting – they’re making baby cats.”
“NOOOO! nice – NICE!”
“They’re playing! They’re not mad! No fight, not mad.”
(she settles back in my arms, watching them. Thinks about it)
“Silly, silly kitty!”


Stephen and Éowyn
“See the cabbage moths, Éowyn?”
“They’re having sexy times!”

Tell me I’m not the only one who is totally amused by the Klingon Sex Cats Have. Éowyn really thought they were gonna kill each other, and it sounded like it. Silly silly kitties. They really do get dey freak on.


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