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Hi June 24, 2010

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Not much to say, I guess. I already spend too much time online reading, chatting, posting, reading, clicking, blah de blah. Eats up a lot of time, more than it should for reals.

Anyways we have been doing stuff, while living our quiet placid lives that we love. Éowyn and I are off to the Yukon for 3 weeks soon, I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and seeing her with my family and seeing my family with her and just being able to spend time with her walking around Whitehorse and looking at all the pretty everything. My parents are going to be working, taking some time for us yes, but we WILL have days on our own I think, and I’m going to try to take the bus down town to just… soak up the town. I miss it a lot. Having lived in a really small town I think that a place like Whitehorse is where I want to live. It’s the perfect size, it has everything you need right THERE… the only thing that I might change is access to OUTSIDE. I really like being able to go to Kamloops to see new things, and to have the option of Vancouver or The Island (is it just me or is that always capitalized when people talk about it? It took me a long time to clue in to people saying The Island and meaning, you know. Vancouver Island. I’m from the Yukon, man, you say the island and it could be one of hundreds to me. But in B.C. The Island is like… a province unto itself, it’s funny) Going out of the Yukon is expensive on a few fronts. But honestly… I think I wouldn’t want to leave much, wouldn’t feel I had to or should, if I went back.

It’s nice here! I am really loving it, it’s helped that we’ve had a cool and rainy spring and early summer – if we’d been surrounded by fires and crispy grass and dead trees and heat waves rising from everywhere the way we were when we got here last year? We would not have been here next summer. Trust. That freaked me out *just* a bit. And to be honest, I get really depressed when I think of going back to work here. There isn’t much to begin with, and when I narrow it down to what I can do… there is less. And when I narrow it down to what I WANT to do… there’s nothing. I’d have to make it. And I don’t trust the economy here. I don’t trust that people would want to spend local. The trend seems to be – bitch about nothing being local, and when it is bitch about the price. Lose lose for the business owner, even one sensitive to small town needs.

Anyways. I’m rambling, it’s… christ. 11:30. The counters are still messy, the pie is still cooling, the sprinkler hasn’t been moved and needs to be turned off in half an hour anyways (at least the lilacs will have a good drink…) the veggies need to be put away.

That’s the price I pay for sitting down to read, chat, talk with Cat, and click click click my time away.

Here are some videos 🙂

That’s all for now. Things are going well. Our garden is growing, and so is Éowyn. We’re getting by and mostly enjoying each other’s company. That’s life, right? Well we’re living it – not in the fast lane, but in on the sidewalk lookin at all the bugs, flowers, and every pile of dog poop that the child wants to pick up but can’t.


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