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Popiskuls June 14, 2010

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I am not a health nut, I am not granola crunchy – but I do like to limit Éowyn’s refined sugar consumption. I don’t buy sugarless stuff – not just because of the baby and my mistrust of aspartame, but because dude that shit just doesn’t taste good to me. Anyways I don’t obsess over it, I just am choosy about what I feed her. I’m less careful with my own diet but I’m big enough and old enough that I don’t feel every little bit should count. Even though it does add up. Ahem.
Anyways it gets SO VERY HOT HERE. Have I told you? It’s like the Arizona of Canada. And I wanted to be able to give the kid some icy cold treats without sugaring her up OR spending a fortune on store bought popsicles. And juice popsicles? ugh. We hardly ever have juice, most of it is loaded with sugar and corn syrup and if it isn’t it’s damn expensive. Since I’m a smoothie fan it was pretty logical.

I just froze up some smoothie. I made these with whole milk, yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and banana. So far I’m even happy to give these to her as dessert, especially on nights when she just picks at her dinner – she LOVES them. The texture isn’t perfect – It freezes with little icy crystals in it the way icecream and good frozen yogurt SHOULDN”T but they’re tasty and they’ve got nutrition in em, too.

Another way we keep her cool!

We got her a little “baff” for the porch. It’s hard to keep her from jumping in everysingletime she goes outside, though… and boy does she get the water dirty fast. Ugh. I try to use as much of it as I can to water my plants and lawn – I think I’m going to relocate it to the center of the yard instead of the porch for easier dumping. I’ll just have to make sure it doesn’t kill the grass. Boy howdy I predict a lot of mud in my future…

🙂 Have a nice day dudes!


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