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Update June 7, 2010

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So! It’s June now. And I’m not really into posting, I guess? The house seems to be in a constant state of MESS and the yard always needs some sort of work. We are having a lot of fun – Stephen had a nice long week off after we got home from Grande Prairie and it was so nice to have all the time together. I napped a lot, Stephen had quiet time to recharge and regroup before going back into the busy busy insanity of summer sales and the weather was lovely so we all spent and are spending a lot of time outside. In the sun, the rain, the wind, the dirt – whatever :-)!

Here are some quick pictures and another video for you.

Éowyn and I playing with laundry this morning.

Hard to believe me about the mess when I have so much help, isn’t it?


Backyardigans are the best – they are also serious business!

Remember that bush I hacked to pieces four months ago? It’s baaaaAAAAck.

She loves her books 🙂

We had our first bbq in our yard with the grill that Cat gave us before we left Whitehorse –

And then we all headed out for our daily walk, It’s been nice having Val as a motivator to all get out for walks together every day.

That’s all for now – hope everyone is having a good day and a good summer so far!
Lots of love,


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