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21 Months May 16, 2010

Filed under: family — whiskeyjac @ 3:44 am

Miss Grubboo turned 21 months old today – we went to the B.C. Hydro camp ground where she played with the water pump and used boulders as slides, went to Seton Lake where she picked up goose poop to throw in the “Baff” and where we all got our feet wet (bone chilling, way too cold), and then came home to have lunch and let her play out in the yard all nekkid. We all walked down to the Old Mill Plaza for icecream after her nap. Now she’s sleeping and it’s time for me to tidy up – I’m not the best housekeeper… or rather not a very consistent housekeeper, but I’m finding it especially tedious to be inside cleaning when she makes messes so goddamn fast, and when it’s so beautiful with so much for me to do outside. I got a sunburn today though, and the clean laundry is piling up and needs to be folded so I think I better rein it in.

Enjoy the video – she really WAS asking me to do this! Just cute because she hasn’t made those spluttery gaspy sounds since she was very small 🙂 It was nice to hear them again.


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