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Salsa Bean Soup May 14, 2010

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I found an old Cooking Light magazine lying around – boy do I love this publication, even though I’ve only got one copy. I think I must have picked it up when I worked at Mac’s Fireweed a few years ago – I always had to stop myself from browsing the cookbooks and foodie mags.
This magazine is like a cookbook only a lot more portable… and washable, baha. The recipes are simple and tasty and healthful and they’ve got a lot of really mouth-watering pictures.

So I made this soup a few days ago and it is lovely! It’s almost like a vegetarian chili, and a lot less acidic without tomatoes and time-consuming because there is so little prep involved. It’s been in the fridge for two days now and it’s still just so tasty! I served it as soup, Stephen ate it cold as a dip with sour cream and chips yesterday, and I just had some as a cold topping for a piece of toast and cream cheese. Bean dishes were never part of our family food when I was growing up so they aren’t comfort food to me the way they are to some folks – beans and lentils have taken me some getting used to and I’m still not confident enough to make many dishes using dried stuff but I’m definitely going to make this again!

I changed some very minor things – I used olive oil instead of canola and I never have jarred garlic (that stuff tastes rancid to me, though I realize that this issue of Cooking Light was about quick weeknight meals and that jarred garlic was an attempt to speed things up. (but really, how long does it take to peel and chop a few little garlic cloves?!)) but it’s basically the same recipe. Probably a very basic bean soup to those who’ve grown up with this kind of dish! Here I am telling you how to boil water, right?

1 t olive oil
4 garlic cloves, minced
2 Cups water
1/2 t chipotle chili powder
3 cans of black beans, drained and rinsed
1 C salsa
1 lime, juiced

So it’s simple, right, you just saute the garlic in the oil a few minutes, then add the water, chili powder, beans, and salsa. Bring all that to a boil then reduce the heat to simmer for a minute or two.
Take out 3 C of the soup and puree it in a blender, return it to the pot and add the lime juice while you simmer for another 10 minutes. DONE.

How simple is that? The canned beans are a little expensive (at my grocery store, at any rate), and I guess it would be better to use bulk dried beans. Problem is dried beans are just as expensive where I am, and I’ve never soaked and cooked them before. I’ll have to try that sometime.
The original recipe says to add chopped cilantro just before serving, and to grate Monterey Jack cheese on top. I had neither on hand and it was just perfect as it was – I did serve it with tortilla chips and some sour cream to cut the heat for myself! Stephen loves spice in his foods but I’m a wuss. I don’t mind though, any excuse to eat sour cream is a good one with me! The heat is easily adjustable – if was making this for Cat and Meo I’d use regular chili powder and a mild salsa instead of chipotle and the strong medium salsa I had on hand.

(Éowyn wouldn’t touch this, not even a taste. She’ll eat chili if I present it to her properly, but I think the dark colour and spicy smell of this turned her off. I try to get her to eat what we eat because I’m not a fan of making TWO meals for one family but when it’s soup it’s not such a big deal. She’ll like it someday, I’ll just keep trying :-))


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