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A Bit Of A Fashion Show May 14, 2010

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About 2 weeks ago, Éowyn decided to go down our little 401 road to visit the landlord’s place (we own our home, but not our lot.) and while the lady of the house and I were chatting, she saw their little boy’s tricycle. WELL. It was hard enough to tear her away from it, but everyday after that she’d shoot right back down there like an arrow to a target. All the little push toys are too small for her because she’s got such long legs and I decided she would get a lot of use out a little trike.

It’s got a little bucket in the back that she fills with things like the T.V. remote, toys, her baby Tylenol, socks, and dust bunnies. It’s outside now and I attach a little rope to the handle bars and pull her around while she wears her little red helmet and tries to keep her tiny baby feet on the pedals. It’s really sweet, but she’ll get a lot more use out of it next year, I’m sure.

That little yellow bathing suit is one we got while on that same shopping trip – I wanted to get her a blue one because that colour just makes her eyes pop and her hair look like an angel’s but there wasn’t anything in that colour that didn’t have a Disney character on it. Given the choice between pink and yellow it wasn’t hard to decide – I like pink but I think yellow is just a little different. She gets a lot of pink from Stephen’s mother, and my mom picks pink things out too – it’s not that I don’t LIKE it, just that… I want her to have other colours. Yellow! So sunny 🙂

It had been raining and raining and raining here, and I was trying to hold out on buying her a rain jacket – her little green one that she’d had since 8 months old barely, but still, fit – and I knew that the rainy season was coming to an end here… But the day we went to Kamloops there was a rain shower and I figured I’d get her a big one just in case there was any more rain. So yeah, froggy! And no, we haven’t had any more rain. :-/

This is what her old sundresses that we got her last summer look like. They’re made for 2 year olds… and I don’t mind her wearing them around the house but taking her out like that… they have to be shirts. She took her little bunny and bear out of the toy shelf and put the on the t.v. stand… and when I walked by she was watching the Backyardigans and patting them.
??? That is the cutest damn thing but… but where did she come up with that? I’ve never seen her do that before! I love it, though.

And here’s one last picture. This was the first week we had her at home… before I felt comfortable enough to bathe her in her little baby bathtub. I gave her sponge baths on the kitchen table and I was wondering… if she’d have my curly hair one day 🙂
Turns out she has MY MOTHER’S curly hair, but I’m still just thrilled about my curly-headed crazy haired little girl. She’s a love, and a joy to be around.

I say that now, because after nursing her 3 times tonight, and listening to her cry and yell for the last 20 minutes, she’s finally gone to sleep. It’s ok to feel mushy now, I’m safe. And so are my boobs. Damn, dudes – TWO YEARS. In August it will have been two years that I’ve been nursing. We’re both still pretty happy about it, and I really love the way she is so happy to have milk when she wakes up, it’s obvious that she relishes the closeness and the comfort as much as the nourishment. It gives me a chance to sit and read too, while still being WITH her. But man, the nighttime feeds can just drag on and on sometimes – and I try not to read during those ones because I want to be quiet and calm and bedtimey for her. Mostly I can just amuse myself by daydreaming or thinking of things I’ve read during the day, or things I want to cook or do around the house or yard… sometimes I run scenarios that involve a teenage Éowyn and what kind of parenting we’ll have to employ. Sometimes I think about what moving back to Whitehorse would be like, or I think about what to do when I see my family again, or I remember things from my childhood. I have a pretty good repetoire I guess, but even though I try not to be bored when I have a working imagination I still get annoyed when I have to sit there with her for more than 20 or 30 minutes. Tonight tried my patience, but! It’s been half an hour now so I think it’s safe to get off of here.

🙂 Have a goodnight, guys, or morning, or day. Whenever you read this!


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