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Ness? Pweese? Ness? May 10, 2010

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We stopped at a Farmer’s Market in Kamloops last weekend. Stephen went to get his eyes checked and Éowyn and I played in the park while we waited, then he took her and I got to look at the wares. I bought some cute little elastic and wooden bead necklaces and bracelets – some bracelets for us to share, a necklace each, and I let Éowyn pick out one for Nana.

She likes them! And it’s super cute to see her wearing beads, she looks like a little hippy 🙂 I’m hoping we can stay away from cheap dollar store stuff for as long as we can – I know that to kids that stuff is fun but it just makes me cringe, it’s so terrible and cheesy. If she is happy with wooden beads, then I’m glad! BUT. Oh BUT.

She has to wear ALL THE NECKLACES. And she has to wear ALL THE BRACELETS. So I let her. First thing she did was break my necklace. Ok, no problem we picked up the beads and put them away. She was fine with her stuff the rest of the day.
This morning, I put the beads on some embroidery thread – nothing fancy I just want to wear a fun necklace for a change. WELL. This was cause for a major meltdown on Éowyn’s part, and even though I got all HER beads out and put them on her and told her how cool she was – she wanted what *I* was working on. I got it done with minimal snot damage from the drool monster, without breaking anything or scattering beads, without snapping the thread.

But I can’t wear the damn thing because she howls as soon as she sees it on me.


Welp! Now I remember why I haven’t word jewelry in the last 14 months.


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