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Veggies May 5, 2010

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Éowyn is pretty ok with fruit and veggies – but she’s selective. She likes unadulterated veggies and fruit mostly – raw and cold and fresh. Tomatoes are her favourite, she’ll usually eat oranges and cucumbers. Melon, apples, peaches, cooked veggies… it’s really hit and miss. REALLY hit and miss. Sometimes she’ll take a few bites and then leave the rest, but most of the time she won’t even try anything else. So, ok, I try to get her to at least TRY them but I’m not going to argue with her too much – I don’t want to fight over food.

BUT I also want to try incorporating veggies into MY food. It’s good for nutrients, good for fiber, good for filler – so we don’t load up on meat and carbs all the time. I’ve been trying to think of vegetarian meals and side dishes for us, but it is sort of tricky for now because I don’t want to constantly be making two meals – one for Stephen and I and one for Éowyn. Beyond the time it’d take to make two kinds of meals (and believe me I am not going spend too much time on it so she’d end up eating noodles too often if I did this) it just isn’t a message I want to send to her. I make good food and I’m willing to accept that you don’t always want what I make – but this isn’t a restaurant. I’m prepared to be flexible, especially later on when she can have smoothies to round out her nutrition, but for now I have to figure out what we’ll all eat.

I made this yesterday –

The original recipe is here, I’ve made it exactly as the Pioneer Woman did and it was *awesome* – first time I ever had creamed spinach and I loved it! I always sorta thought it would be gross but so many people rave about steak houses and their creamed spinach that I had to try it at least once.
This wasn’t fancy though, I just melted some butter, and threw in some flour to cook up a roux. Then added some whole milk with salt and pepper and cooked that until it was thick, adding milk as needed. When it was the right consistancy I chopped up some spinach (chopped to make it easier for the kiddo and her four molars to chew it up) and stirred until it was wilted. I would have added garlic, she loves that stuff and will even eat it raw (if I let her which I don’t because WHOAH death breath) but I used onion powder because I was out.

I made this today :

I just boiled up some carrots and a few garlic cloves in chicken broth, then purreed the veggies with enough broth to make it soupy but not thin. I added some half’n’half (about 3Tbsp), nutmeg, lemon juice, salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, and yellow curry powder to taste. Done!

Of COURSE the kid wasn’t in the mood for the soup today, but Stephen and I thought it was a great batch – I love curry powder with winter veggies like carrots and squash I think I like the spicy savouryness of the spices to counteract the sweetness in the root veggies. I make other soups like this too, cauliflower, and turnip/carrot/squash, broccoli, asparagus – just water or broth or milk with the veggies and some seasoning. And a little butter sometimes 🙂 I think the vegetables are worth a bit of salt and butter I really don’t think they’re bad in moderation, and I *hate* undersalted food.



2 Responses to “Veggies”

  1. whiskeyjac Says:

    so maybe she doesn’t look entirely enthused. that has more to do with the way she’s been breathing out of her mouth due to her cold than the spinach WHICH SHE LOVES, CAT.

  2. 1001petals Says:

    V’s favourite meal is that very spinach, but I also throw in some minced roasted red pepper and cooked pasta. Great for adults, too.

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