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Fruit Stripe vs Cheese Single. WHO YA GOT. May 3, 2010

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Sooner or later this story will come up.

Not when she is trying to humiliate me, or when she is meeting a new person in my life, no.

Just, sooner or later, my mother will need to tell this story.

She doesnt need a reason.

We will be eating breakfast with the baby, or skyping and talking about the weather, or on the phone bitching about our jobs, and all of a sudden she will get really quiet and thoughtful. And then…

Hey. Hey Jac. Remember when you stuffed that piece of Kraft Cheese up your nose? Remember that?
No. I was 2.
YEAH BUT IT WAS A WHOLE PIECE! Why would you DO that.
I dunno, Mom.
Yeah but what COMPELLED you to stick a whole. piece. of cheese.

Up your nose.


It could have been a lot worse.

Ah! I feel so much better now! Light, you know?


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