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:-) May 2, 2010

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This is Stephen’s father Barry – Grampa Barry, to Éowyn. She was reading him a book! She took her chair over to him, sat down, and started telling him all about it in her little falsetto.

I was so glad to see everyone interacting nicely – glad that Éowyn took notice of both her grandparents and didn’t leave either of them feeling left out, glad that her Uncle Adam felt like he could talk to her, glad that she didn’t play strange with them. I don’t know if she remembered them – I doubt it, as it’s been the better part of a year since we had a visit – but she wasn’t upset at seeing them at all, though a soft cuddly teddy present from her Grandma Sheryl help to sweeten the deal.

As for me, I felt pretty fine with the whole visit. I get really tense when I’m around certain people but I even had the three of them over to chat with the baby and I while Stephen was at work and everything was fine. All in all it was a very nice visit, and I think everyone felt happy by the end of it. I’m glad that Éowyn got to see her grandparents before we head over to their place for a three day visit in a few weeks. It will help all of them feel a little more comfortable. I’m hoping that Gabriel and Luna get along well with her – Éowyn is still a baby compared to them and doesn’t really have any of the social skills that you would expect from older children – she doesn’t really play with other kids so much as around them, and it can be tricky to keep her from stealing and hoarding toys sometimes. I’m not sure that Gabby and Luna are the most forgiving of children but they have always been super gentle with Éowyn and I hope that they can all get along! I always wanted a big family when I was younger, and I would love it if the three girls could be friends. But I’ll be watching them in case it’s too soon.

That’s all for tonight, I’m beat. I got the dog house and shed cleaned up for Val’s arrival, and I prepaid a bale of hay down at the Feed Store this morning, so we’re going to pick it up tomorrow (I hope!) and get it all ready. Éowyn’s going to be so happy to have a PAPA!!! WOOF WOOF!!! and Val is just such a sweetheart – I’m really glad that he’s going to have a nice quiet home and Stephen around him at last. The way that dog looks at that man… it’s sad and sweet all at the same time. A dog only ever looks at someone like that when they’ve been saved from something terrible, you know? Anyways. I’m sure I’ll be thrilled about the poop in the yard and the (extra) hair on the floor, but really I think he’s going to be a very nice addition to our family. All we need now is a white picket fence.


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