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A Tribe April 29, 2010

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I had such a nice day with my daughter.

We got up and had some nursies, and some time with dad, then she watched her show while I talked with her Nana.

We went to A&W for breakfast together! Which is a big treat. We’ve never done that before – and though I try, really do TRY, to eat healthfully on a day to day basis I do love fastfood. Those soft spongy yeilding buns, squeeky egg and melty cheese, the salt and fat and crunch. MMM. Éowyn sat so nicely with me, was very polite, ate some bun and some hashbrown and my egg, and I had a coffee and the rest of my sandwhich. She went and charmed the socks off some old men there – A&Ws the world over must have the same old men in them every morning, I swear I had flashbacks to my opening shift days it was strangely comforting to be there 🙂 She went over to them very seriously and they started talking to her – one of them asked her how she was and she shoved a finger up her nose in response. It was cool though – he shoved his right up his own in solidarity.

Old people and babies. They can do what ever the hell they want.

We had a lovely playgroup, all our favourite people were there and she got to play on the big toy – I tried to tire her out as much as I could because we had some stuff going on in the afternoon that would be easier if she napped early… so I expected to be there until 12:00. Instead we left at about 11:00 because she went to the door and wanted out. BIG DEAL PEOPLE because usually – lately I should say – she fights fights fights on her way out. She’s all screams and twisting and hitting. It’s terrible but not today! We went and looked at Fields and found some lovely little books for her there, along with a dvd of Bob the Builder. I love that little store for the kid stuff – almost everything else is uselessly cheap but kid stuff can be good. The books they have are listed at less than HALF the retail price – when you can find them. She was so thrilled with her newest books today and dang I do so love making my kid happy – AND WITH BOOKS. What a nice feeling, what a powerful feeling.

We had a visit with her grandparents – it made me nervous but it turned out rather well. She was very sweet and read her new book to her Grampa Barry, and talked to her Gramma Sheryl and Uncle Adam as well. We are meeting them for lunch tomorrow, too, which I’m sure she’ll enjoy.

Well, I should be getting to bed. I’m really tired and Stephen’s been down for a good hour now, I think. I’m going yo write a post that is just pictures soon – but none tonight I don’t have the attention span for that right now.

Hope everyone has a good night.


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