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I Miss Playing Dress-up April 21, 2010

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… aren’t those Doc Marten’s just *so cool*. I guess they are iconic or someshit, like, really popular and evocative of the 80s as far as I can tell. Coz punks wore them, or Madonna did? I don’t really know and I don’t really care – awesome tough boots, and that is such a great colour.

Hhh… I used to dress up in costumes when I went to school. I miss that. It would just be silly and tediously time consuming now.

Some times I look down and realize that I am dressed completely in brown. Khaki pants, brown shoes, brown button down shirt, even a brown scarf on my head. I love brown, I don’t think it’s boring at all! But then I look at my little girl walking beside me in pink and black checks, bright canary yellow stockings, apple green boots or pink hikers with lights, her red coat or sparkly pink sweater or bright blue dress, her pink toque or her red knit cap.

It’s a lot of fun to have a little girl 🙂 I guess I still do get to dress up.


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