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Tight Ass April 20, 2010

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One of the things I miss about having my mom around is the clothing advice. Are these pants too tight? Does this bra look weird? Can I get arrested for showing this much cleavage? Do I have terrible back chubs?

Stephen is no help. He says everything looks FINE and grabs my ass. Éowyn sticks her tongue out at me and grabs my boobs. I don’t trust either of them one. bit.


I miss going shopping with her! We didn’t always buy stuff, lots of times we’d just go look at baby toys and clothes, and shoes, and plates, and. Just stuff, really. But when I actually need to go shopping for clothes – oh boy I do miss her. I was so lucky I got to go to Walmart to buy pants and a nice tunic for Stephen’s work party when she was visiting in November… boy that was fun. Stephen took the baby off to get some other items and we got to wander and look like we used to… It was kind of bittersweet because we didn’t have a lot of time and I knew it was totally temporary. We weren’t looking for her, either, which was kind of sad for me in a way. I miss going to hang out with her just to be together and laugh and bitch and get excited about little things. Especially after I had the baby and was able to go out with her – boy did it ever feel like we were doing something monumental when she came to pick me up and we went to Walmart – ALONE. Shit, you woulda though we were escaping to Reno or something. We have so much fun together.

Ahhh. One day I will be back close to her. I know that. But I have to get some clothing when we go to Kamloops next, and I hate shopping with Stephen. It’s not his fault! He’s so sweet and patient and kind. Really. But he’s also the kind of guy who has like 4 golf shirts all blue and black. 4 tshirts, all blue and black. OH OH OH HE HAS A GREY ONE! I FORGOT ABOUT THE GREY ONE! He has one good sweater which is blue, and one casual sweater which is blue. He has a plaid shirt the is also blue. And that’s pretty much it, he basically has a uniform. And hey – I *like* that. I like that low maintenance thing in a guy, and he actually manages to make golf shirts look GOOD, wonder of wonders. I still don’t know how he does that. But see, he’s the quintessential dude when it comes to clothing I guess. Functional. No Brainer. Wtf are back chubs. So I feel a little… embarrassed? I guess? Self concious. When I have to go clothes shopping with him. I feel like I should just grab 5 of the first thing that fits in one colour, and go, and stop being such a GIRL and a PRISS about everything.

That’s my issue, obviously, not his.

We’re operating on a schedual when we go to the city because we have the 4 hour round drive, and we have to eat, and we have to plan a physical activity of SOME sort for Éowyn these days, and also we have… just other things to do. And a big city to navigate. It seems to take sooo much time just to accomplish a few errands. Oh, and THIS week we’ll have to eye appts to go to as well. BUT HEY! Perhaps that will be a blessing in disguise? Our appts are split up, and he has the later one. So maybe I’ll take my girl with me and see if she will be nice while I try on bras and weep over the horrible teenage styles and the price of pretty shoes. Maybe I’ll see if she wants to pick out a toy or a pair of pants or a cute tshirt or something. I love seeing what she decides she likes – sometimes it’s something that didn’t even catch my eye. She mostly doesn’t care too much about toys or clothes when we’re out but once in awhile she gets excited about something and it’s kind of a powerful feeling, to be able to indulge your kid, isn’t it? I think so. It’s a good thing we live on a sort of budget because I can see myself getting nuts if I had money to spend… it would feel more like spoiling MYSELF than her, if that makes sense. We rarely buy toys for her – a lot of what she has were gifts and hand-me-downs I think. Fields has discounted board books sometimes, and we love getting books for her, and we got a few stuffies before she was born… some alphabet blocks, stacking rings, things like that. But it’s hard to come up with toys that we’ve given her! I would love to buy her a stand up easel – she loves loves loves to draw but it’s really hard to keep her happy when she’s sitting – to keep her from drawing on herself or her table. She also loves the little people farm set they have at playgroup – and I would enjoy playing with that, too. It’s funny but I find that I have trouble playing pretend with her stuffies, isn’t that weird? I used to do that stuff when I was little but it sooo doesn’t come natural to me, now. The farm animals are easy enough though.

WELL I AM RAMBLING. So it’s time to get off here. I’ve got laundry to fold and a house to clean – Éowyn Grampa and Gramma are going to be stopping for a brief visit sometime this week and I want the house to look nice for that.

Hope you are all having a good day, and if not, that it gets better fast. ❤


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