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Betty Crocker In A Can! April 12, 2010

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Hey so I actually really hate canned soup. I don’t care too much about the health stuff – though honestly canned campbells soup is just salt and fat and WHOAH that is skeezy /end rant – but I really honestly hate how canned soup tastes. I can’t even buy broth to make soup – I have to make my own or it just tastes strange to me. But a really easy way to make a tasty and quick veggie soup is to boil up some carrots and peas and onions and garlic and corn and then whir them in the blender with some milk – and then throw the purree into a pot with a can of Campbell’s soup. I used celery and cheese soup here and I thought it was pretty nice. I didn’t season it enough for Stephen so I think I’d add curry powder or hot sauce to his next time, but Éowyn and I liked this with just some salt and pepper and paprika (which is also just so pretty, isn’t it? I love that colour). I make cream soups without help too – I really like carrot and turnips or just plain cauliflower purreed with milk and butter and salt – it’s simple and fast and really rich with that butter added in. But see, Cat, you said the butter might be too rich for the boys? And when I do it that way it needs a fair amount of salt to bring out the veggie’s flavours – so I thought you’d like to know I do this. It still tastes simple and smooth but there’s a little bit more TO the soup this way.

I feel the same about canned sauce – never tastes quite right and it can also be super expensive – and I don’t always want to spend a couple of hours prepping and simmering my own tomato bolognaise… and there’s no way I can make cream sauces for us we’d all weigh a thousand pounds. So I use this stuff as a cream sauce for Éowyn’s noodles and she loves it.

In case you couldn’t tell :-)!
I’m trying to get her to eat more veggies, but honestly I hate making food that she doesn’t eat and then… then what? She eats plain noodles, or toast, or fish crackers? Or I have to go through the trouble of making two seperate dinners? No. I’d rather compromise and use something that maybe isn’t nutritionally sound and boost it a bit.

Here are a few other pictures, just for fun.

I love that Stephen comes home for lunch, and so does she. And so does He! It’s a nice break for all of us, and I think it’s especially great when he gets to play a little bit in the middle of his work day. ❤ He's a great dad 🙂

That's all for today, folks! Hope you're all having a good Monday – and good luck to NanaCat tomorrow, too! Hopefully I'll have some great, great news to share here, soon!


One Response to “Betty Crocker In A Can!”

  1. Gwen Styles Says:

    Speaking of bolognaise – my fave trick is to make a huge batch of SUPER MEATY THICK sauce like holy crap this is too thick! We eat it like that once, then freeze the rest in sandwich-size Ziplock bags. Then on spaghetti night, I just thaw one of those out as a “starter” and dump in a can of low-sodium pureed tomatoes.

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