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Lunch Time March 17, 2010

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On Tuesday, Éowyn surprised us by quietly going into the entrance way, sticking BOTH her tiny baby feet into Stephen’s size 12 steele toed work boots, and clumping out into the living room all by herself.

She was so proud.

Here are my dudes yesterday afternoon –

I’m so glad that he can come home for lunch – we love having him here. Éowyn might be stingy with her Dad-hugs most days but she loves that guy like he’s the sun even if he DOES have to bribe her with his pen and notepad to get some attention.


3 Responses to “Lunch Time”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Too cute!

    Claire is the same with Phil. She loves him more than anything but if its him and I in the room, she’ll always naivate towards me. I suppose that will change later on when she becomes a “Daddy’s Girl” and I’m the “enemy”. Ha ha ha.

  2. whiskeyjac Says:

    HAHAHA! I imagine that laugh will sound a little more desperate when this actually HAPPENS. 🙂 I remember going through Daddy’s girl phases when I was younger, but I never DIDN”T want my Mamaa. She’s always always been my favourite anyone. She’s the reason I so wanted a daughter, if that makes sense. So that maybe I could make someone as happy as she made me.
    D’aww, I’ll stop now.

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Awww, cute!

    I am SO not close with my Mother. At times I wonder why she ever wanted to adopt me. Although a part of me wonders now too because I was adopted maybe that’s how it was different? :S Anyhoo, she’s the reason why I never wanted kids, lmao. I was terrified I’d be like her.

    My Dad on the other hand? Awesome. Simply Awesome. He’s what made up for a lot of the trials/tribulations that went on with the nuttiness that is my Mother. 😛

    Although now that Claire is here, I can’t imagine never wanting a kid, let alone not too sure about having a girl! Its amazing! Ha ha ha, now its my turn to “D’awww, okay I’ll stop now”

    😀 Tiff

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