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Layla Grace March 16, 2010

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This is a very, very sad thing. This family lost their youngest daughter after a painful and drawn out fight against Neuroblastoma. I only recently heard about them, and it breaks my heart a thousand times reading about her illness and her family’s pain – having to see their baby go through that …shit, seeing her fight and go through all the treatments and confusion and then losing her anyways. Life’s not fair, man. I think they are raising a lot of awareness through this blog, and the interviews that they’ve done. No baby should ever have to go through this, no family should ever have sit by their bed and know they aren’t going to open their eyes again. But it happens, and it’s a helluva blessing to be able to support each other when otherwise we’d never have even heard of someone’s pain. This woman is an amazing and honest writer – I think it’s very important for her to write and to know that people are reading. My brother was very sick and nearly died when he was 2 years old, and my mother didn’t have the support network that we have now with the internet… she was alone with a lot of it, I think. One day she met another woman at a children’s hospital who was there with one of her children – the second to be diagnosed with a terminal illness – and I know just how much that brief encounter affected her, she still talks about the few minutes she spent talking to another mother with a devastatingly sick child. It can mean so much, simply to know that you aren’t alone.
I just wanted to post this, in case any of you wanted to read and remember Layla.


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