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The Ides! March 15, 2010

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This is Miss Éowyn dancing for us during Stephen’s lunch break. It is his birthday today! And here are some pictures because she was just the cutest little thing today. My god, it seems impossible that anyone should be this cute. I guess all moms feel that way.

Can't let that fish go for anything, man.

She's got good taste.

She ate a huge amount of birthday cake...

This is Miss Grubs helping her dad unwrap his birthday present from us. She was very, very serious about it 🙂

Cat sent a package to me and Éowyn – books for me and tshirts for the baby – an easter egg dye kit for us both. (I’m not too sure I’m going to use that this year, Cat, it will probably just provoke a temper tantrum when she sees the eggs and can’t play with them. She can’t help with the dye it will get everywhere. I really appreciate the thought, and if she just wouldn’t care I’d do it for myself. But she’d find SOMETHING to get pissed off about for sure. Maybe next year!) The shirts that Nana sent were super super cute – and as soon as she saw them she WANTED THEM ON.
Pweese? Pweese? PWEESE!?
She was so pissed that I had to clean the cake (which had red food colouring in it) off of her before putting the cute little flower shirt on. And once the flower shirt was on…

She dragged the other shirt down and held it out to me
Pweese? Pweese? PWEESE!
So it went right on top of the other. She walked around looking at them for a few minutes – I LOVE that she is getting interested in what she is wearing. Love it.

She loves shoes! I am stoked about getting her some sandals for summer – how silly is that? I love seeing her try new shoes on. She stuck her feet in Stephen’s big work boots and walked out to show us, all by herself today! She had a lot of fun stomping around in them – she’s really proud when she makes us laugh 🙂

Here’s a quick picture of some of the goodies I made – because I am proud of them:

Jalepeno Cheese Puffs! Finally turned out perfectly!

Stephen requested chili for lunch so I made a bath of that, and some of these cheesy poofs to go with it. No one needs to see chili though, that shit never looks good.

I was really excited that my cake turned out! I had a lot of fun making it, but I am by no means a quick baker – it’s such a production when I make anything like this, my god. Stephen was really sweet, he saved me from Éowyn a few times when she tried to pull my pants down while I was mixing stuff, he pulled her up to watch while I wrote on it, and it really made me happy to see that he appreciated it. Sometimes I feel silly about doing things like this because he’s such a no frills kinda dude, but. Well. It’s just nice, to be able to do things like this. Oh boy, next birthday is Éowyn’s! And she’ll actually care this year!

Anyways that kiddo, she’s up. Better go get her! I’ve spent all my damn nap time writing about her, and talking about her, and reading about kid stuff. I’m great at managing my time.


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