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Temper March 12, 2010

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She isn’t all smiles and hugs, I’ll tell you that for free. This is hilarious, I feel NOOOOO GUILT about laughing at her during her tantrums. She’s so fucking ridiculous. And no, I don’t know why she gets so riled up over the damn pencils and markers and paper. She’s just going to have to learn that she can only have a few colours at a time.

Hey we went to her vaccination appt on Wednesday. She was so great, really brave, but sad when she knew what was coming. She let the nruse weigh and measure her which was great – she was too scared to sit on the scale and lie down to be measured last time, and we didn’t force it. She is 26.5 lbs – with her clothes and diapers on, which is less than I thought she weighed – and 33 and 3/4 inches long! She’s almost 3 feet, and she is HALF MY HEIGHT. She’s not even 2 yet. 70th percentile for weight and 90th for height which means that she is lengething and leaning out.
We got some pamphlets from the nurse, one was about language – and since it said that by 18 months kids SHOULD know about 18 words, we figured we’d write down all the ones that Éowyn uses regularily. They are not all completely intelligble, but her enunciation is getting much better and WE know what she is saying.
Here’s the list –

Shoes (she will say shoeses, too!)
Fish (fishish)
Thirsty (very little enunciation, but she uses it to ask for water)
Thanks (mostly sounds like TSS! but the last few days it’s been TAYS!)
Please (sounds like PWEESE – love love love it)
Tickle (we think this was her first word)
Kitty (mostly sounds like KEEEEE! or KEEYEE!)
Mama or Mum (very rare to hear her say this)
Nez/Nose (she can point to knee, nose, head, hair, teeth, eyes, ears, cheek, toes/feet, tattoo which is also right on board for her age)
Bird (Bur)
Ball (Ba)
What’s That? (Wassa?)
Hair/Head?hat (not sure which one, or if she can truly tell the difference between hat and head/hair)
Sheep (Seep!)
Night Night (NyeNye)
Allright (Aw why!)


Very cool to hear your kid talk. Very very cool.

Have a nice day, everyone!


10 Responses to “Temper”

  1. Petra Says:

    🙂 I enjoyed this, she’s such a little darling.

  2. whiskeyjac Says:

    You know, I sort of enjoy hearing other people’s kids have tantrums too. Because it’s such a relief to know I don’t have to deal with that shit, that it’s someone else’s problem. Haha!

  3. Nana Says:

    That’s so funny! Bath was exactly what I used on your temper tantrums !)

  4. whiskeyjac Says:

    This is not a new thing, no! We did this to soothe her tantrums when she was oh, 2, 3 months old? We used to bring her bathtub right into our bedroom and bathe her there in the nice low light.
    GODDAMN I DO NOT MISS THOSE DAYS when I think of that…

  5. Tiffany Says:

    Ahh, the crumpling into a devastated heap on the floor! Gotta love it! Claire is the EXACT same way. Sometimes I think its funny, sometimes I get super irritated too.


    • whiskeyjac Says:

      Tiffany – I know what you mean – mostly I’m just amused by it but when you have to go somewhere or you just want her to stop pulling at you and get out of your way it’s a goddamn pain in the ass, innit. Where do they LEARN this shit?! THEY ALL DO IT. It’s like, bred into our genes, the ability to throw perfect tantrums.

    • whiskeyjac Says:

      Oh and, I just read your post! Good for you for using cloth diapers, I hear that it’s really nice for kiddos, and even helps them potty train earlier sometimes. I had every intention of doing it with my girl but we lived in an apt building w coin operated laundry in the basement and… we were going to use disposables until she was past the newborn poop every hour phase – so by the time I got to the point where I wanted to use cloth I was used to disposables and not interested in the extra work they’d present. How does that work for you, do you have a system for soaking, cleaning, drying? How many diapers do you keep on hand? What were your motivations for using cloth diapering and what keeps you using them?

  6. Tiffany Says:

    I *love* the cloth diapers!!!

    Funny enough, I wanted NOTHING to do with them when Claire was first born. It was Phil’s idea, being the enviro-hippy dude that he is. My biggest thing was poop. I didn’t want to be rinsing poop off my hands, off a diaper. Yucky. Poopy diapers are bad enough in the first place, right?

    We tried a few, did the gDiaper thing but the inserts were waaaaay too expensive. Like $20 for a package of 40, and you had to use 2 at night. When you can get 86 pampers for less money you know there’s a problem!

    So with the BumGenius, I figured out there are diaper liners. It’s like a paper towel, but a softer/thicker consistency. That totally changed the game for me as the liners catch the poop and you flush that down the toilet, and the pee gets caught by the liners.

    I started out with 12, just to see if I’d like them or not. At $25 CDN a pop I didn’t want to be out a bunch of money. We decided we liked them so we bought another 12. 24 was a good number for us, depending on how Claire was we could go around 3 days or so before needing to do a load.

    Its pretty simple, actually! I have a diaper pail (any big covered container would work, really). There’s a large wetbag made out of PUL (same as the outers of the diapers) and I toss the diapers in that. Basically bum changes go as this: Take the liner out and flush it if its got poop on it, rinse off the diaper cover if poop managed to get on any part of the diaper, take the liners out and put them in the pail.

    We use the special detergent for the diapers, and all I do is one cold water wash with no detergent to get all the crap out, then do a hot water wash (the longest setting, which is the whites hot wash) with the detergent, then with my previous detergent I did a final cold water rinse, just to make sure no detergent was kicking around.

    They get dried as normal. We don’t use Bounce sheets anyways as they’re bad environmentally, not to mention you shouldn’t use them with cloth. We have reusable dryer sheets that work great!

    The only thing I find tedious is stuffing them. I like having everything all ready to go, so when she’s squirming on the change table I don’t want to be stuffing a diaper, ha ha ha. Normally I’ll throw on a TV show and stuff them that way.

    I will say that the adorable patters are part of why I like them. I love in summer when I can let her roam around in a tank top and her cloth bum, its too adorable! Another factor is price, with me now being a SAHM, not having to buy a pack of disposables every so often is definitely a motivating factor!

    Holy long reply!!! Sorry! I get kinda rambly when I start talking about cloth… Ooops!

    • whiskeyjac Says:

      No need to be sorry at all, dude, I asked! It’s interesting to hear. I used to get really frustrated when I’d mention wanting to use clothies and people would roll their eyes or even politely say they tried but didn’t care for it. But true – I don’t think I’d do them, even with the next baby and having my own washer/dryer. I like having everything there, ready to go, and disposable – and I’m not entirely sure that I’d save money w the hot water usage – what do you think about that, does that balance out for you?

      • Tiffany Says:

        It definitely balances out for us! We do typically 2 extra loads of laundry a week. We haven’t noticed a crazy difference with our bills. Not exactly sure, to be honest. 🙂

        The amount of diapers per week that we spent was way more than what we spend in the extra laundry loads. Especially since we have newer washing machine/dryer so they’re pretty energy efficient.

        I got that a lot too, people would say that I wouldn’t like them, or we’d use them and then be done with it. All in all we’ve spent about $600 on cloth diapers. That’s pretty cheap (for us) compared to the nearly $2000 we’d spend over the course of birth to fully potty trained with Disposables. We still do buy disposables as I’ve yet to find one to hold up to her night time pee, but its definitely less!

        It isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. I totally appreciate wanting everything there, ready to go and disposable. I love my cloth, but there are times where I just don’t want to sit and stuff the diapers, or how sometimes if her clothes are almost grown out of I can’t put her in them to get the last little bit of usage because it won’t fit over her diapers. 🙂

        Although I can say for certain that if you told me while I was pregnant that I’d be this gung-ho on cloth diapers, I would’ve laughed in your face, ha ha ha!

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