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Dance Dance Face Plant March 5, 2010

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Éowyn and I have been sick with chesty colds for a week now – you can see the little slug trails on her face at the end of this video. Éowyn’s been a real trouper, we’ve had more temper tantrums than usual, and she’s had a harder time sleeping and napping in general, but she’s mostly pretty cheery, and a less whiney than I have been I think. I’ve been having trouble with my asthma due to the cold and that was kind of scary for me, but I’m on a higher dose of Flovent now, and that seems to be helping a lot – I feel much better today, though I think it’ll be a while until I’m ready to go walking up the hill. Éowyn is a happy Gru today and I’m going to decide what to make for lunch, have a chat with Nana, then take her outside a little bit. We’ve been shut ins for almost a week now and we’re both tired of it. It’s gorgeous outside! And already it is too warm for big coats during the day, I’m so glad to see Éowyn in her little green jacket again. She wore it when she was teeny tiny and I have nice memories of it – I was glad to see it still fit.


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