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From Nana March 4, 2010

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Éowyn Catherine owns my heart. She is small but determined. Her language is unintelligible but her desires and wants are clear. Her head of crazy curls and her sparkling,
brilliant blue eyes draw me to her like a moth to a flame. Unlike the doomed moth I am rejuvenated by her touch. Éowyn Catherine is of course my granddaughter.

Written by NanaCat for a college placement exam. When she told me that she was doing the English Comp stuff today, I knew she’d write about you, Grubs. You’re everything.

I always wanted a Grandmother who loved me like your Nana loves you. I never had that. I’m so glad you will. There are so many reasons why living down south would be easier for us. Your dad and I love the Yukon for itself, of course, and for me there is this pride that goes with being a Yukoner. There are a lot of good reasons to be there, too, but the biggest one is that you have such a great family waiting for you there. Family that wants to talk with you while you have your bath, who listen to all your stories and give you crackers when I’m not looking, who throw sheepskins on snow shovels so you can take a walk in the snow with them, who colour with you, and get down on the floor to play on your level and who have pictures of you taped up in every single room in their house so that no matter where they are, you’re there with them. Family who sit around at night before bed and trade stories of your funny exploits, and your silly faces, and your scary sounds.

You are so, so loved my girl. And I want you to grow up right in the middle of all that love, I want you to be able to soak up as much of it as you can, because that is the funny thing about love, you know. The more you soak it up, the more there is. I miss my family, of course, but most of all I miss seeing them with you, and you with them.


One Response to “From Nana”

  1. Nana Says:

    Ahh breaka my heart! We need you guys too!!

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