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Quickie March 1, 2010

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Éowyn got some new “paintbrushes” the othe rday, and she is loving them. They’re Crayola things, and the work sort of like markers, are totally non-toxic which is great because as soon as you turn your back she wants to taste everything, and they’re really washable. I love watching her with these but I have to hide them otherwise she wants them allthetime.

This is Stephen and Éowyn at the Kamloops Wild Life Preserve, or Zoo, or whatever it’s called.
We didn’t go on Saturday like we’d planned because I was afraid driving conditions were unsafe, and that it would rain while we were out. Sunday turned out to be nicer, so we took off around 10:30 and got there at 1:00. It was bedtime by the time we got home, and Éowyn had a bit of a coughy cold, and a bit of a fever to go with it so she was pretty wiped. We didn’t take many pictures, but she really liked the owls, Stephen really liked the wolves – we got to see them interacting and relating to each other which was pretty cool.

I would really like to spend more time just watching the animals when Éowyn is older… talking to her about them and figuring out what they are doing and who is who in the group. We have to keep moving with her when she is young enough to get bored easily, so we didn’t get much time to watch animals like the badger and the elk. I got to pet some goats, though, and that was pretty sweet – they’re such funny animals, and so social. Éowyn laughed at them when they started getting silly and trying to look over the fence at her. I would have got some nice pictures of the two peacocks that were strutting around but they were really friendly towards the baby and those sharp beaks kind of freaked me out – she’s right at eye level with them when she is in her stroller. She had a piece of pancake in her hand, too, and we were pretty sure they wanted it. They were beautiful birds though! So shiny and richly coloured – like if you touched them you’d have paint on your fingers.

We didn’t do much else since we left so late in the day, we looked around Safeway which is a beautiful grocery store! They have a really nice bakery section, I think I’ll get some cupcakes for Éowyn’s birthday – the ones they had there were so cute! and the icing to cake ratio is just perfect for me kids, who have an unearthly and unholy tolerance for sugar.

That’s all for today. I’m pretty wiped too, and I have pizza to make and floors to sweep. Éowyn seems to be feeling better today – we had a nice morning playing and dancing and singing – she’s starting to sing! – and now she’s watching some stupid spelling show (God, some of these kids shows. I just want to punch some of the voice actors.) and drinking tea. I’m glad her fever seems to have receded, and that the molar she’s been working on for a MONTH has finally broken through for reals. It’s rough being one.

Well… I wrote this in the morning, and came back to add pictures when I thought the baby was sleeping. She’s just sad and snotty, and I know she’s tired and would benefit from a nap but this is the second time I’ve put her down – the first time I got her up I made us a bath, then dressed her in new fresh clothes and rubbed some vicks on her chest and feet. She had a small chat with her Nana on Skype, then ate some grapes and watched half a backyardigans show and played with the cat. I’m starting to feel pretty goddamn rough myself, and I need to clean the house. It just seems that in between trying to be quiet for her to nap, playing with her, cooking, and just… I DON”T KNOW, dicking around? I never get much done. It’s pretty lame on my part.

Anyways, she’s quiet again but if I hear her once more I’m just going to get her up for good. Maybe a walk will help clear out our chests and noses. It’s so pretty outside too, I think it’ll do us good.


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