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Friday February 26, 2010

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I’m pretty excited, look what I’m making! They’re in the oven right now and everything seems like it’s going well. I’m ridiculously excited about a new kind of dough. I love carbs. I jsut belatedly realized that I could have put Jalepeno’s in these, but it’s cool – it’s an easy recipe and if this works then I’ll do it for the next batch, and send them in to Stephen’s work.
Do you know, I really like the people he works with? They’re so down to earth and easy to be around. He has a really small crew of co-workers, less than 10 regular people. Éowyn and I go down to meet him when weather and Éowyn’s nap schedual permits and they are always kind to her, and I never feel like we’re in the way. They talk to her, and laugh about her, and it’s pretty apparant that they’re happy Stephen has a nice family, which is nice to see. The folks at Northerm (his workplace in Whitehorse) were very nice too, and I took Éowyn up to see Kathy and Chris while we were there, figuring they’d like to see how much she’s grown. They asked about Stephen, and about the new home and the new town, and seemed a little disappointed that he hadn’t been there to visit too. I really feel all warm n fuzzy inside when I see that people like that genuinely care for him – he’s good people. And I sorta like him.

Anyways! Éowyn and I had to go out to get eggs for this recipe, and I’ve also got chicken soup simmering for lunch. She’s been watching Backyardigans since we got home, and I’ve been puttering and putering while I make lunch.

GAH I just went to turn the heat down from 425 to 350 and realized that the oven was set to 375 instead of 450. LAME LAME LAME! I totally remember setting it higher, did the damn dial slip or something?! UGH. I hope they turn out…

Éowyn is a hungry girl today! I got up early and made eggs and toast for STephen’s breakfast – usually he just has oatmeal and yogurt but I knew I had soup for lunch so I wanted to make him something substantial for breakfast. The baby and I both had an egg and toast for breakfast but she’s been running to me for pieces of cheese and orange and crackers for the last hour. Funny girl. She can say FISH – fishish! – and cheese, and tea. All her favourite things 🙂 Yesterday she said SHOES! Though she has yet to repeat it for anyone else, I know it’ll be a regular word in the next few days. Her vocab is expanding daily and it’s pretty cool to start recognizing words in all her babble.

Tomorrow! Stephen and Éowyn and I are going to head for Kamloops to do some grocery shopping at Costco, and to go to the zoo! I’m really happy about that, I love seeing Éowyn watch animals on the t.v. she is so… involved with them.

And we haven’t been to see animals since September – she was such a baby compared to now! I hope the weather is nice, and that she is in a good mood 🙂 I love going for trips with these two peeps, they’re my favourite company.

So that’s my Friday everybody, I hope you’re all having a good day and that if you aren’t, your weekend makes up for it.



3 Responses to “Friday”

  1. Anna Says:

    Mmm, you’ll have to let me know how they turn out. Simply Recipes is one of the food blogs I follow too, she’s got some great stuff on there.

    And, seeing you post here has made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve used my wordpress. Gah. Serious 1st trimester haze.

    Happy weekend-ing, Jac.

  2. whiskeyjac Says:

    I really like her recipes! I found her through the gmail headlines thing – the other food blog that gets up there a lot is 101 Recipes and. Wow. I’m sure a lot of people love her (Heidi’s) stuff because she’s fairly popular but she lives in a totally different world than I do. Never mind the fact that half of the ingredients she uses were hard to find in Whitehorse (never mind a small town like here) they were usually prohibitively expensive. So! Elise is cool, she it’s down home cooking, and *gasp* it’s still HEALTHY.
    These turned out fairly well! I think my stove dial slips on me! So the oven wasn’t as hot as it needed to be to start off, and I had to cook them longer to dry them out in the middle, so that meant they were brown instead of golden and crunchy instead of crisp – if that makes sense? I think the heat is important. Also, I’m putting Jalepeno’s in next time, the bite will be really nice.
    I’d love it if you found time to post, I love reading about your days 🙂 You really bring your family to life, and I love reading about the little things your kiddos do and say, they’re pretty funny dudes. And such great siblings… I wonder how another baby is going to affect that dynamic – but I think it’s a really cool shared experience for Fraser and Mya, to get to know their little brother or sister together.

    • Anna Says:

      I’m getting there…starting to post more on X again a bit anyways. And once I feel like my brain is starting to work again and I actually have content “worthy” of posting I’ll be on it. I miss meaningful blogging.

      And, I’ve got a few other good foodblogs I read, if you want:
      SmittenKitchen.com is good and I’ve just started reading ezrapoundcake.com and mykitchencafe.blogspot.com, which botht seem okay. I imagine you probably know about PioneerWoman – she’s got some good stuff, but I can’t stand the million of pictures you have to scroll through to get to the final product, like I get, you put butter in the pot, I don’t need a photo of it, ykwim? Anyways, you might know about these, but if not maybe you’ll find some recipes you like.

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