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Old Country Baby February 19, 2010

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I don’t have much time – or rather, shouldn’t TAKE too much time – but I really wanted to post these pictures. Éowyn turned one and a half years old on the 15th, and I always take a favourite picture and make a little age marker for every month (I used to do weeks, but that stopped as soon as she was mobile enough to roll and crawl away, ha. My utter lack of patience, let me show you it!)

Here is her 18 month picture, which just breaks my heart.

This picture just totally captures HER. She’s on the go – running from daddy, towards me, but not close enough that either of us can catch her. Clutching those two rocks – I have to watch her with those, she mostly will not put them IN her mouth anymore, but she does like to kiss them and if I’m not OBVIOUSLY watching her she will try to suck on them. She loves rocks, she’s always picking them up, looking at them, tasting them, dropping them so she can pick up another… She’s talking, or at least making some happy running noise. I don’t know. It’s just… HER! When I look at this I can hear her, I can feel her in my arms – happy to be held for half a second but already planning where to go next and leaning away from me to let me know it.

Anyways, I probably sound like a really inarticulate sook here so fuck it, here’s a few more pictures for today, and I’ll leave it at that.


One Response to “Old Country Baby”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    She is utterly gorgeous!!!! ❤ I totally get what you mean, some pictures just truly capture their essence, its great!

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