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Fixing It Up February 18, 2010

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This is my yard. It’s got potential! I love the cement landscaping, and the way it’s sort of tiered (although I’ll be happier about that when the child is a bit steadier on her feet… we weren’t able to play out there much last summer because she’d just fall down every where). But all that dirt. Hhh. I hate all that dirt. The folks here before us had two husky dogs, and we’ll have one of our own coming in May, but really? Did you have to let the WHOLE YARD go to shit, guys? It’s such an eyesore. I don’t know if we can get grass to grow – most people here assure me I can as long as I water it like crazy – but I don’t think it’s worth the effort this year. Honestly I think cleaning up those damn rocks everywhere, getting them out of the yard, sweeping the dirt till it’s “clean” and ripping out the ugly vegetation will be a big enough job. Considering I will be wrangling a kiddo while I do some of it. We have lots of nooks and crannies for spiders (which freak me out more than usual down here because it’s so hot – I’m really worried about Éowyn poking around and getting bitten by something poisonous to really hurt her) and I really want to clean things up so as not to attract wasps and flies.

So that’s the plan for the back of the yard.

Front of our house. I want to rip that lattice work down – paint it and replace it after sanding the daylights out of the old paint on the skirting. I can do that on the back deck, not like I’d need to be neat about it back there as we’re going to rip that up one day. And even if we don’t the next owners certainly will.

I want to rip that bush out. It isn’t much more attractive in the summer – aesthetically that is. It DOES attract bees and spiders. Not my cup of tea, esp. around the front door. Yep that bush needs to go, and I want to clean under the stairs though I might just ask Stephen REEEEAAAALLY nicely to do that for me. We’ll see. I’d like to stain or paint the stairs and porch eventually, too, but I don’t think we’ll do that this year.
Then there’s the little garden patch thing at the front of the house. It’s pretty terrible. The rocks are really badly placed, they’re not very pretty, and the earth is full of weeds. There are a few little fairy mounds of tiny tiny flowers that surprised me by flowering in November and December, but other than that, there’s no merit to it as is. I think I’ll clean up those rocks a bit, just by downsizing, and turn the earth and fertilize it (if my compost is ready by then) and throw some hardy little flower seeds down. Then as least it’ll be colourful.


That’s what I’m thinking. I wish I had a better eye for things, and knew more about taking care of a yard, but I guess I’ll just have to learn as I go.

And now, I’m off to take the baby down to Timbr-Mart and pick up some garden shears and a heavy duty broom. It’s so nice outside these days and I think Éowyn might ACTUALLY let me get some work done without running off and cracking her head open while I’m at it. I’ll let you know how that goes…


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