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2 Days! January 29, 2010

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Trying to pack is fucking pointless when Éowyn insists on helping. And by helping I mean :

Shoving toys everywhere
Trying to pack extra clothes – from the dirty pile, the clean pile, the already folded pile WHO CARES LOOK MUM I”M HELPIN!
Trying to feed me playdough (and throwing a royal tantrum when I decline)
Crapping her pants, which, can I just say? Stank up the ENTIRE BEDROOM for an hour, ARE YOU EATING THE CAT FOOD Y/N?
Climbing onto the bag and jumping off… FACE FIRST
Wearing the carry-on bag around the house and freaking the fuck out when she can’t take it off
Taking the carry-on bag off and then freaking out when she can’t put it back on
Freaking out because I take took the carry-on bag away
Trying to call 911 on my cell phone (I stopped her at 91 thank GOD)
Packing the potato masher
Pulling the diapers out of the carry-on bag and putting them on the cat
SCREAMING at the cat when the cat runs away and hides
Insists on wearing every article of clothing I want to pack…

You know, I’d complain if she weren’t so cute.* Besides, I gotta remember to be compassionate; it’s hard being 1. No one gets you.

*Oh this? THIS isn’t complaining. Oh no, you haven’t heard me complain until you’ve seen me frothing at the mouth. Check in round 7pm nightly!


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