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A Cool Cat January 22, 2010

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So, after a week of trading off on being sick, Éowyn and I took advantage of being un-infectious and went to play group. It was VERY busy there – only two little boys at first, but within half an hour another 6 or 7 kids arrived. Lots of colourful chaos. I actually LOST SITE of my kid while talking to a mum and playing with a little dude – and found her in the office sitting quietly in someone’s office chair and fondling a Christmas mug. Her little pigtails were the only thing I could see poking up over the back of the chair. She likes playing with kids some of the time, and is getting a lot better at NOT STEALING TOYS FROM BABIES, but I think she’s happiest playing on her own, or just watching. I wasn’t surprised to find her there.

Anyways, she’s cool because this one little dude kinda started a fight with her over a book. He took it from her, then kept giving it back only to snatch it away. He wasn’t REALLY doing it maliciously – but he knew it bugged her, it wasn’t just a game. So the first few times she grabbed for it… and then stood there when he snatched it back. After a few times she didn’t take it anymore and just looked at him, so he threw it in her lap. She picked it up and went to walk away from him but he took it again and held it there in front of her. I could see her sizing him up… and wanting to take the book again… but when he started grinning and held it out even further – she sighed. And looked for me, locked eyes with me. And then walked away.

I just thought that was so cool. The little guy didn’t even pause, he just went careening off to some new thing. Didn’t even THROW the book away, just dropped it as if it were completely forgotten. It probably was.

It was a little while after this bit that she took off on her own and wound up in the office stroking Rudolph and Frosty.
I wonder how her personality is going to develop as she grows. What is she gonna be like when she’s 2? Never mind 3 or 4 or 10 or 18. I can’t even think that far.

And here are some pictures:

When I First Open The Door In The Morning...

3 Seconds After I Open The Door In The Morning

I get lots of hugs and kisses in the morning… it’s nice that she cuddles now. She smells so good when she just wakes up – essence of Éowyn.


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