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Some Pictures! January 21, 2010

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This is Miss Éo-bum heading out for our walk yesterday – those glasses kill me. I never thought I’d be the kind of mother who’d dig on dressing her kid up – but daaaang dudes. It’s hard not to get all giddy about brown cords, bright knit colours, and cool dude glasses sometimes. Most times.
By the way Barb – I ALWAYS get comments about that hat and scarf combo – from men as well as women. It’s way too cute, and just perfect for those chilly but not too cold days, especially when we’re going in and out of heated shops. I just love the colours, they’re so girly, but not frilly, you know? Kind of hippy-ish 🙂 I love colours like red and brown on Éowyn – and blue too for her eyes. Lots of people mistake her for a boy – though not as many as when shew as wee – and I like having cute girly things for her to wear with her big brown cord coat and heavy boy coloured boots. I think my favourite thing about recieving gifts for the baby is that they make me think of the person to gave them every time I use them. That’s just the best part of a gift, to me.

Everytime I walk past our house it hits me all over again – it’s ours. Stephen is quick to remind me that it actually belongs to the bank, because that’s just the kind of old man kill joy he is. (He’s also the one that handles the money so really, I can’t blame him) It’s just really cool to me after living in shabby, rented places – apartments to boot – ever since I moved out on my own, it’s a nice feeling.

I love the light up here. It makes everything look a little more interesting.
No sidewalks! They have sidewalks on mainstreet – half of it, anyways. That kind of bugs me, having a small child who is unsteady on her feet and wants to pick up every stone, pile of dog poop, slimey leaf etc etc. It’s not a problem when we’re just out for a stroll but if we’re actually GOING somewhere I end up carrying her if she isn’t in the carriage. My arms are getting pre-tty strong.

And when we got back to our home base, the kiddo had to get out and stomp around a bit, tell me some stories, and climb the big hill. Can you believe it’s the middle of JANUARY?!? No snow. Anywheres. And we ended up stripping off hats and gloves while we were out, too. It’s so out of the ordinary to me.

She’s very fast. But even with her stubborn independant steak she spent the rest of the day hugging and kissing me constantly. She’s such a love, my little shadow.

I’m so, so lucky to be able to spend all this time just chillin with the baby… We’re lucky – but it’s not all luck. Stephen really works hard to keep us living well on one salary, and the move to Lillooet enables us to live in a really nice house all our own while the baby is small. So, I might miss Whitehorse, but this is the best place for all of us – and I’m really glad we found it and took the chance.


4 Responses to “Some Pictures!”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I am really glad you can keep bobbin home with you as well. I just got a call from Paula whose baby only goes to daycare at the most 2 times a week. Her baby is sick again, 6 days with the baby dimatap but Mady is not better so trip to hospital today. Paula is so upset because this will be the third time baby is on antibiotics. Yeah I am glad you are home with our lovey.

  2. whiskeyjac Says:

    Poor Mady, and poor Paula. It must be really sucky to send her kid off when she knows the chances are good she’ll get sick. It’s hard, being a working mother.
    And yes, we’ve discussed it many times before and after we had the baby – staying home is really good for everyone. We all get something out of it, for sure.

  3. Daphna Says:

    Wow, every time you post pictures of where you live I’m amazed. So beautiful and so different than anything I’m used to seeing. What a great place to raise a kid.

    • whiskeyjac Says:

      It is a good place to raise a young child… and probably fine for older kids too if you are an active parent and can get out of town enough to let them see things – which most people here can do. But for me, I want to move to a bigger city – I NEVER thought I’d say that. But Whitehorse was just perfect, now that I see what a REALLY small town is like. And we’re right up in the wilderness there, you still have all the clean air and water and beauty.
      But yeah, I’m stoked about all this beautiful mountain and big sky stuff! It’s amazing, every time I go out it’s there to knock me on my ass 🙂
      I’d love to see pictures of where you live, if you ever have the time! I see that you’ve posted about the surgery and I’m glad you’re feeling well enough to do so but I haven’t had a chance to read your post right through – nap time is coming up and I’ll do that.

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