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Tikkoh! January 15, 2010

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3 guesses what her first word was.


2 Responses to “Tikkoh!”

  1. Catherine Says:

    So happy that he is still a favourite. You know I can’t remember his name… it’s on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite get it.

    • whiskeyjac Says:

      It took me a second to figure out who you were talking about – the dog is called Scout. He was the only thing she had trouble sharing with her little friend the other day – the other little girl had the girl puppy at home and was eating Scout’s nose while her mum put her shoes on. Éowyn tried to take the puppy back (she had already let N play with it for a while, anyways) but N wouldn’t let go so Éowyn started crying out of sadness (as opposed to show boating, ha) but she didn’t try knocking anyone over! Which is a big WIN in my books… she hasn’t seemed to have any problems since that one time you came to play group with us. I’m so glad, I think over all she’s going to have a pretty nice disposition around other kids. Just gotta nurture that.

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