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Happy 17 Months, Grubs! January 15, 2010

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It’s too cold and rainy to go out to play group today – I feel like hibernating. Besides which, I think we both need some down time – Éowyn had a bit of a hard day yesterday – she didn’t nap, we went out for a walk that ended in a temper tantrum, she slipped in pee puddles twice, bumped her head 3 times, and took a header off a kitchen chair that I *stupidly* let her climb and sit on. I was feeling kind of shitty about myself because I’d been telling her No constantly – DON”T touch the garbage, DON”T climb up on the couch, DON”T swish your toys around in the toilet, DON”T touch the garbage, NO I’m not going to give you gingerale/coffee/a raw carrot/a knife, DON”T reach into the dishwasher, DON”T TOUCH THE GARBAGE, DON”T grab stuff out of the top drawer, DON”T climb the baby gate, NO, DON”T, STOP, NO, NO, NO. So I started thinking I was being over protective and over NO-ing things and that it wouldn’t hurt to let her climb and learn how to sit properly on a kitchen chair. And she did sit properly for the 5 minutes I watched her. Then I turned around to make tea, and BAM. She just *dove* off of that fucking chair, like a damn otter into a pond. I’m so glad she wasn’t hurt – my kid has proven to be tougher than I thought she would when she was first born, and I really try to let her take her knocks and tumbles but… I just keep thinking how easy it is to fall on a neck that is twisted the wrong way, or how she could hit her head in just the wrong spot and too hard, you know? Gah. It’s stupid. I shouldn’t get careless, knowing what I do about brain injury and freak accidents. Anyways, it’s not like I’m saying NO any more now, really, I just feel a lot more justified about it. Hope that 5 minutes on the kitchen chair did it for ya, kid, coz it’s gonna be a long ass while till you get another chance.


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