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Brush Brush! January 13, 2010

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SO! It’s been kind of hard to just pick up and start writing here. I’m wondering if I should just write like I always have or really put effort into it. The thing is, is that if I over think things I start to sound stilted to myself. Fake. And that’s not the kind of shit I like reading.

Secondly – I started wondering WHAT to write. I’m a stay at home mum. I am not in school, I don’t socialize much, I’m not out hang gliding or kayaking or like, saving the world or anything. My life revolves around my family. And I like it like that. So when I think things through – well hell, I *am* writing for myself here, right? Realizing that all over again makes it easier to write, too.

Which is why we have a post about brushing my daughter’s teeth today. SCINTILLATING STUFF, PEOPLE.

First thing first – show me your teeth! If she does this, or even just sticks out her tongue and blows a raspberry at me, then I know we’re actually going to get somewhere with this.
Look at that gap toothedness. She gets that from me. I hope she doesn’t hate it – I think gap toothedness is kind of cute, even if it can make you look goofy when you’d rather it not.

Allright, now brush your teeth!

Not even a year and a half, and she’s a comedian. It’s insane how quickly they learn to joke, isn’t it.

So, she has to stand on the sink counter.

And she has to swish her own brush around. And make some faces at herself. And she has to hold the brush, play with it, suck the water out of it, and poke around a bit first. But eventually, after many weeks of dicking around and whining and trying to shove the toothbrush in my mouth or up my nose, in her eye, and down the drain – she is finally getting the gist of things.

So now you know how we brush our teeth around here, and how cute my kid looks in her polar bear long johns.

You know, I am really feeling guilty about not brushing her teeth as often as I could/should/ I have to write a little message on the mirror with a dry erase marker – Brush! Brush! – to make myself remember, and STILL I forget. I’ve had a lot of trouble with my teeth and I want her to have good dental hygene, I want that to be important to her and second nature to her routine. I want her to feel like something is missing if she DOESN’T brush her teeth, you know? But daaaang dudes, sometimes? It is just not worth the fight she puts up. I really try to make moments like this as pleasant as possible for her. Even if she absolutely positively WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS DEBASEMENT doesn’t want ME to do it, if she’s not getting every tooth, if all she does is swish the brush around in her mouth and suck the water out – hey. At least she tried. And today, for the first time, she actually DID brush her teeth. She didn’t do it very well, or for very long, but she tried. And she was proud of herself, she was happy to do it.

I consider that a win.


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